Ashtanga Yoga (in Richland & Kennewick/WA)

Asana (posture) practice in Richland & Kennewick/WA with the Three Rivers Ashtanga Yoga Group
led by Registered Yoga Teachers Eric Berg and (10/1/11 Eric moved to CA) Patrick Paulson (students of David Garrigues).

Tuesday 5:30-7:30am Mysore style Suzanne's Dance Studio,
1393 George Washington Way, Richland
Patrick $5
Friday 5:30-7:30am Led 1st Series Suzanne's Dance Studio,
1393 George Washington Way, Richland


Introduction: Ideal for the new or part-time yogi/yogini looking to improve flexability, strength and conditioning, this class includes sun salutations and the simpler standing/seated/closing postures. With more group explanation, demonstration, and less vinyasas (movement between postures) than the full first series. ~75min.

Led 1st Series: The postures, breathing, and gaze are led, everyone moving together and taking modified postures according to each person's individual flexability/etc. 90 min.  

Mysore style: This traditional method is self-paced, where each individual proceeds through the sun salutations/fundamental postures/1st (and possibly 2nd) series postures/closing sequence according to their own pace and breath. Instruction is mostly nonverbal and conveyed to each individual through adjustments. Arrival and departure times vary for each individual.

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 updated 10/3/2011